Score Card

With four sets of tees we can accommodate the abilities of a wide range of golfers.  Keep in mind the red tees are not the ladies’ tees.  The forward tees being labelled ladies’ tees is an outdated idea that does not apply to today’s golfers.  The tees are indicative of a golfers abilities, not their gender.  Beginner golfers should always use the forward tees and should not progress to the next tees until their ability dictates that change.  Playing from tees that are too long for the player tends to slow down the game, cause frustration for the golfer, and creates an unnecessary backlog on busy days.

Fawn Meadows asks that golfers keep golf etiquette in mind at all times.  Let the group ahead of you get out of range of your ball and then play from your proper tees.  Keep up with the group ahead of you, but do not hit into them and respect the golf course and the rules of golf at all times.  A lot of time and effort is put into keeping the course in the best shape possible and we ask our members and guests to help us with our efforts.